Monday, October 15, 2007

October 14, 2007 Trip to Big Bald Rock

About a month ago, Jane Wheeler contacted a bunch of us and planned to meet at Big Bald Rock on October 14, to hike, do a potluck picnic, visit, and spend the day together in a beautiful spot. Those along for the trip were Jane, Hugh Sweeney, Dick Couchman, Jay Mills, Kathleen Daniels, Jeffery & Dorothy Wilson, and Grant & I. Most of the folks travelled over the Four Trees Road from the Canyon. Grant and I drove down via the Bucks Lake Road and got to follow a local rancher, his herd of cattle, his men and his dogs.

We all arrived at the trailhead within a few minutes of each other, surprisingly enough. We all tried to carry a minimum of "stuff" so that we could park ourselves somewhere, off-load our gear, and go exploring. Dick's hip has been troubling him, so he and Hugh manned the picnic area guard. Most of the pictures I've posted here were taken by Grant, since he seemed to have more luck getting good shots, and besides, I camped here last year with an Environmental Issues class, and I've put up enough pictures of my own. Enjoy!