Monday, March 31, 2008

Annual Table Mountain picnic gathering

The gang of us~ Jane, Hugh, Dick, Jay, Dorothy & Jeffery, and Sara & Grant (we missed you Virginia & Kathleen!) ~ took our usual trip out to Table Mountain, just outside of Oroville, California. We picnic'd, flew kites, looked at flowers (which is why you'll see some strange butt photos), took walks, and visited together. Grant managed to keep kites aloft for most of the time we were there. I wore my muck-boots, which in former years were much needed, but ended up changing back into regular shoes due to the dry conditions this year. It was chilly when we arrived-around 11-ish-but warmed up nicely as the day progressed. One magenta species of wildflower didn't start opening til noon and suddenly there were large patches of it everywhere. We also got spooked by a dust devil passing through, collapsing Jay's (unoccupied) lawn chair, giving my hat a yank, tangling Hugh in Jay's ship kite, and twirling a paper plate several hundreds of feet, where it stayed in the whirlwind and continued to be spun in about a 10 foot wide circle. A little girl ran after it and rescued it for me!
Jayne, Jeffery, and Jay

Grant getting the first kite ready

Dorothy, Hugh, and Grant

Jeffery and Dorothy

Jay and Jane...Jay stretching his bum leg

Grant readying the long-tailed kite.

Jane looking coordinated and Dorothy looking "hollywood"

Dick, Hugh, and Grant

Jay attempting to get the eagle up into the updrafts.

A view west at the "smallest mountain range in the world" Can't tell you who's bum that is.

The gang from afar

Jay attempting once more to get the eagle to fly.

3 kites in flight

Jane checking out the flora with Dorothy.

Jeffery and Jay wearing the Eagle's feet

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy March 10th birthdays!!!!

One of my favorite pictures of my mama, Susan (Cooledge) Leonard Loomis, March 10, 1933. Mom is standing in front of her house in Massachussets. Happy Birthday, Mama!!! XOXOXO

Our friend Dick (Richard) Couchman, March 10th, 1941. We've been pals since 1987-ish and continue to be to this day. We love you Dick! ((Hugs and smooches))) Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 16th Birthday Ashley Irving!

Ashley (at age 10) jumping for joy at the thought that Dad is going to let her drive on the way home from a day of exploring and swimming up at Three Lakes. As of this coming Monday (the 10th) she won't need to sit in Dad's lap to drive. Happy Birthday, March 5th!