Thursday, June 19, 2008

New England~ People, Places, and Nature~ Part I

Heritage Plantation

Mom, Aunt Biddy, & Lucy

Aunt Biddy took this picture of me

The MerryGoRound & Museum

Cigar Store People

The Carousel Animals

Some of the flora

Centerville & Skunknet Road

The bright orange fruit stand

Wednesday night shenanigans

Trip to Newport to see Ben!!!

On the avenue

Ben strolling up to meet us

Ben & Gramma having a little time together to chat

Stolen from Lucy's photos

Mom & Lucy at Ben's workplace~Becky's BBQ!!!

Front view of Ben's dwelling place

Aunt Lucy approaches Ben's apartment in Newport, RI

Back in Centerville, that same day....

How brothers and their friends celebrate sisters graduations

Lucy, Hannah, & Brud

Pretty Hannah~pre-graduation

Pretty Hannah ~ the Gradate!

Long Beach views on the Cape

Some folks have to find ways to spend their money

Lucy and the shell tree


Someone remind Lucy that she looks great in a tank top, please!

New England Visit~People, Places, and Nature~Part II

The "Mooflower"

Mom would know what this flower is, but I can't remember

Plimouth Plantation~the village

Gardens behind one of the houses

Wealthier members of the Plimouth Plantation owned furniture which they brought over on the Mayflower with them from England.

Beds on rope "springs"

Fishing "basket" and other goods

These volunteers live in the time of the Pilgrims so they are unable to answer questions about anything after the 1600's. This woman did not know what a "toothbrush" is...she uses sage and salt as a rub to clean her teeth.

Hearth view

Pewterware display

Thatching in progress

Another view of inside one of the houses.

Thatched roofing

Susan talking to a Goodwife mending her husband's pants.

Pembroke & Duxbury

Swallow awaiting his partner on Mom's birdhouse

Beautiful sunset view across the pond

Sleeping accomodations on Mom's back screened porch

Susan at rest

Winter boat storage

Southeastern Massachussets, Duxbury

Pretty shells for sale

Lifelong friends~ Cyndie and Susan

Duxbury Beach

Courageous kite surfer at Duxbury

Festive boots