Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trip to the Pacific Northwest/Redwood Coast April 8th-12th

Jay, Grant, & I headed out Wednesday morning. Made a wrong turn in Yuba City, so took the "long & winding road". Made it to Mad River right about 5pm, starving, so we stopped at the Burger Bar and ate like pigs. In fact, it seems like all we did was spend time walking on the beach, or among the redwoods, or eating like pigs! Seriously, it was good getting to share Grant's first time among the redwoods, exchanging stories from our past visits, laughing at life, and getting to have such a wonderful experience. I would travel anywhere in the world with Jay & Grant....they are great companions!!! Our pictures, in no particular order, are below:

Mad River dining at it's finest

Stay away, Chainsaw Man!!!

Lifebuoy at the Samoa Cookhouse, Samoa, California

Life Boat at Samoa Cookhouse


Samoa Dunes

Coast Guard Station at Samoa, California

Jay has a thing about putting things on his nose.

Redwoods make you feel really really small!!!!!

Agate Beach

Jay is over 6 feet tall!!!

Public Leaning Post - Trinidad, California

Ice plant

Victorian buildings abound in Ferndale!


Shelter Cove

One of Grant's finds

Jay Mills - Tree Hugger

Even grey skies can't take away from these awesome trees!

Jay and Grant---Tree butts

Grant is actually just under 6 feet tall!

Chandelier Tree

Chain Saw Man!!!

Drive-thru Tree (aka the Chandelier Tree)

Grandfather Tree

No, we're not midgets!

Grant, Jay, & Bigfoot

Northwestern California Native