Monday, March 19, 2007

Excitement at 332 Mac Lane

March 16, 2007 - We don't know what caused it, only that it started in the dashboard (wires, maybe?). Thank goodness for a quick response from our local VFD. Our heros! We didn't lose the canoe, either.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Beaches, Waves, & other odd sights

The view from the balcony at the condo Debby & Phil rented in Pacific Grove, Grant's shot of Pacific Grove at night, and various waves, beaches, surfers and views.

Lover's Point

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wild Things & Beautiful Flowers

Who knew Grant's twin brother worked in Carmel?

Grant's beautiful flower photos

This Canada goose honked the whole time we were nearby


These seals just floated on the tide, forming a kind of seal "raft"

Sea horses

Bathing Beauties

Bird & Seal rock near Pebble Beach

Check out this sea otter...he's got a lovely round stone on his chest to break open his seafood!

Papa Sea Lion

Sea Lion buoy

The pictures below we took at the Monterey Aquarium

Some of the beautiful buildings around Monterey, Carmel, and Pacific Grove

Hippie House in Pacific Grove

Monterey Canning Company

The restaurant in Carmel owned by Clint Eastwood where we ate lunch.

Carmel shoppe

The courthouse in Pacific Grove

I call this the Crayon House because it looks like someone colored it.

This beautiful building is made of glass blocks!

Another Carmel shoppe

And one more!