Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Friends and Family

Grant's lights
Our tree

Dorothy's & Jeffery's Christmas Tree~Tobin, California

Sharon M. in Parsons Kansas

Grant at homeJeffery & Dorothy
Kristine & Barbara W.
Grant, Kristine, & Barbara W
Jay's new gloves
Santas and Stockings (aerial view)
Jeffery, Jay, and Barbara W
Barbara P
Dorothy playing carols
Andrea Daniels
Matthew, Ashley, & Kristine
Andrea, Dorothy, Briana, & Jennie
Kathleen with her grand-daughter
Ashley & Kyria

Pre-Xmas decorating

We had fun this year, getting the house dressed up for the holidays. The tree Grant put up, along with the lighted eaves, really looked pretty from the road. The stuff on the front deck I got at the Dollar Store, so it cost me almost nothing.

Melvin, our roomie's cat