Friday, August 29, 2008

I asked Dorothy if she'd let me share these photos she & Jeffery took when she went back to visit him in Iowa at the end of July. I'll let her tell you the story:

"The wall Jeffery is standing in front of is made of tile and is one of 6 panels along the side of the ceramic studio where they make them. Everything in Iowa is closed on Sundays or we'd have done more to see what the studio produces. The windmill I'm standing in front of is in the same town - Pella - where the windows are made. It's the cutest town.
I don't truly know if the butter sculptures are hollow, but they are in a refrigerated display so they don't melt. The lady works on them in the refrigerator and her hands are the heat that melts them as she wants. Like packing a snowball I guess, so I tend to think that the sculptures are not hollow. You could Google it!"

PELLA link (click on it to find out some interesting stuff!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 9th trip to Antelope Lake and Red Rock Lookout

Grant and I arrived here after a trip to Susanville, and took the northern road around the top of Antelope Lake. The area has burned 3 times since 1999, with the result being that a lot of trees are gone. However, signs of life have emerged in the earlier burns.

We then drove up into the area where the Moonlight Fire burned last year and ended up at Red Rock Lookout, which is manned by the father of one of our roommates. For those of you who are squeamish about narrow mountain roads and even narrower Lookout access, this in the one to visit!

Rehab efforts

Really low water levels!!
This rock (granite) cracked in the heat of the fire.

The blue bands are marked trees that will stay when logging is done

Walker Cow Camp northwest of Antelope Lake on the 28N15 road --- fields and fields of Mules' Ear!

Red Rock Lookout - northeastern Plumas County