Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grant doing Burn Recovery on the Rich Fire - Late August, 2008

Grant got called out this month to do mop up work (erosion control) on the area burned in the Rich Fire, which burned the area around Rush Creek. His job was to rehab dozer lines (paths cut by bulldozers to create fire lines), which meant roughing up the soil and then covering up the trail with debris. Grant worked long hours (6am-8pm), but the newness and change from routine really made a difference because, at least from my point of view, he came home every night energized and talkative, which is rare for Grant.
You must wear wool/blend pants and a yellow fire-retardant shirt to go into burned areas.

The excavator (I still call it a steam shovel)

More fire crew members

Driving the excavator up these dirt roads takes a long time at 4 mph--this is what they look like before Grant starts.

This is what they look like after Grant moves debris over them to slow erosion and soil compaction.

Another view from inside the excavator

I call these ghost trees...pretty, but a little spooky.

Signs of new life return faster than you'd think.

Beautiful clouds through the scorched trees

Funny how these trees grow out from the hill slope, and then grow straight.

Another pretty view

New life sprouting out of the charred earth

Didn't realize that Rush Creek was the home of wild roosters, didja?

Here's one of the crew guys (Sam?) feeding the local wild rooster.

Final days on the hill

Getting the excavator loaded onto the lowboy for the ride home