Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our trip to McArthur via Lassen National Volcanic Park - October 10th

On our way to visit friends in McArthur, we decided to take the route through Lassen Park because we'd heard it would be snowing there. In fact, the thermometer dropped 10 degrees F as we climbed the road. I'm so glad Grant got the idea to do this! Check out the website link above if you are interested in hiking to Bumpus Hell or ascending to the summit of Lassen Peak. There's also the Loomis Ranger Station at the north end of the park, where you can see some of the pictures Frank Loomis took of the last time Lassen erupted.

South gate into the park

The Hot Springs

Red Fir and Mountain Hemlock
The long and winding road

Beautiful Aspens

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Autumn goings-on

The mystery plant that took over my garden this summer was finally revealed for what it was...not a squash, but a pumpkin! My friend Murf calls it a "squapum". I also grew yellow and acorn squashes, but they were hidden by the pumpkin leaves.
The 42 pound pumpkin.
Hobart likes Dad's new recliner!
This tree is nature's gift to us every Autumn.

A bountiful harvest (this was only one of many pickings)

This is the covered bridge on the Honeyrun Road that runs between Paradise and Chico. Although the trees below the buttes look autumnal, they are that color because they burned this past summer during the many lightning fires that started that fateful June day (see the June 21st blog from this year)