Friday, May 28, 2010

Kristine graduates from Feather River College!

Kristine Nicole Irving - AA General Studies in Arts and Humanities Emphasis

Erica & Kristine - 2010 Graduates!



 Proud Dad with his grads (Ashley will graduate high school June 11th)

Beautiful sisters! 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our trip home from the Celebration of Jay's life

For those of you who'd like to see the pictures of the Celebration of Life that was held to honor Jay, you can click here: .  We spent the night in Auburn after the gathering, then drove home over Highway 49 through Nevada City and Downieville the next day.  We didn't stop in Nevada City because the Amgen Tour of California bike race started Stage One there.  Here are some of our photographs of the trip.

Sara's photos:

This guy was near the gas station we stopped at in Auburn

Sticky monkey flower

 Highway 49 bridge across the North Yuba River

I love the quartz running through this granite wall

How clear the water is!!

I love how the water carves out the rock over the ages!

That's Grant on the bridge


This really pretty stuff is called Scotch broom and is horribly invasive


A bloomin' succulent!

The confluence of the Yuba River and Downie Creek

A young couple had just begun running this place so we stopped to talk to the Mister.  He reminded me of Jeffery!
This is him below, working in the gardens.
Oriental poppy
Century plant (some people call it Money plant)

The Sierra County Courthouse in all it's Spring finery!

I don't know what this is, but I want some of it! 
(Dorothy knows what this is and has some growing in Tobin!)
A pretty view
Grant with what we think is a pelton wheel

This was the coolest nursery stuck between two buildings.
This one wall was gorgeous!
A fun mixture of stone and wood

Grant's photos:

One of Michelle's beautiful roses
Kayakers!  This guy almost appears to be floating above the water, not in it.

Lupines (but you can't eat them)
And more lupines!  They line the highways at this time of year

A whatchamacallit!
(Grant says it's a Stamp mill for crushing rocks to find gold)

This is old for California

This is a called a fresno. It was pulled by a horse and it would scoop up material.  Used for transporting dirt from point A to point B.

Grant and I pondered about how they made this mill wheel and how it ended up here 


I love this house!
An old generator or electric motor?

Stamp mill

Air compressor and jack hammer!

And one more!

California poppies

Rock Wall

Sierra Buttes

Grant spotted this gargatuan bird nest!