Monday, October 17, 2011

Ben & Ginger's Wedding - The event

Kent, Ben, Ian, and Matt await the bridal procession

Grant at the ready

Mother's of the bride & groom, Linda and Dolores




Photographers sharing tips

Katie Roark Nyby, Amanda Ramsay, Ginger&Ben Roark, Ian Roark, and Matt Nyby (with Cody Ramsay in front)

Matt teasing Dolores, Ben's mom,  who refused to have her walker in the photo.

Ginger's Mom and Stepdad, Linda and Farmer Steve

Bill Eldridge and his wife

Amanda and Ginger

Beautiful mother and daughter

I missed the bouquet toss, but I did get this video earlier of the garter...

The garter

The winners of the bouquet and the garter

Father & Daughter Dance

Bill & Ginger

Ben & Katie

Ginger and Farmer Steve

Ben with Amanda and Katie

The whole fam-damily!!!!