Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Please check out the new blog that Lucy, Kyria, and I have started...and you are welcome to join in the fun and post your own pictures!   Click here to link to TRIPTYCH

This is a family photo triptych sent to me by Lucy from a collection of family artwork left to us by our beloved cousin Peggy Mitchell.

Monday, January 02, 2012

New Years Day in Virginia City

 Dana & Leslie Loomis traveled to Reno this holiday to be with family and we got to see them on Sunday.  Jeffery and Dorothy Wilson spent the night in Reno on New Years Eve, so Grant and I drove over Sunday morning to join them on a jaunt up to Virginia City (not far from Reno).  It's an old silver mining town and still has some of the original buildings.  It was a really fun day, catching up with everyone.  We walked all over town and enjoyed a nice lunch.  Our final stop was at the old cemetary which was quite full of people walking around, even young people.  I guess history buffs are no certain age.  What a great day!

At the old Geiger Grade, overlooking Reno and Carson City.  This was the only way people could travel over the mountains back in the day.

The Catholic Church in Virginia City

Main Street

I couldn't get over the tilt of the roof and the unusual gutters


Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning 2011, with Karl, Ruth, and Isabelle, Jeffery, Dorothy, Kyria and Matthew, Grant, Sara, and Kristine!  Having a baby around is fun! 

You can see where Isabelle gets her looks and sense of style

The first stocking of Christmas!!

The annual Wilson kiss

The Starship Enterprise...arm the photon torpedoes!

Dorothy styling in her funderwear

Who needs toys?

Matthew starting the wonderful breakfast he always makes

Jeffery as always, helping out in the kitchen and doing a great job!

Dorothy doing her Sarah Palin impression
While the guys went shooting, the girls rested, including Miss Party girl herself.  Merry Chrismas to all and to all a good night!