Sunday, April 01, 2012

A fun day in Oroville

Grant and I spent the night with Dorothy & Jeffery, then drove down on Sunday morning (April 1st) to watch Jeffery run a 5k race.  From there we joined friend Dick at the Iron Grille restaurant for a much needed breakfast.  Following that, we went over to the Bolt Antique Tool Museum and the Chinese Temple.  It was a lovely day out!  Everything is so green down in the valley compared to up in Quincy, where I still barely have crocus, hyacinth, catnip, and mint coming up. 

Driving down the Feather River Canyon

Waiting for Jeffery to finish the 5k race

The Chinese Temple

The docent, Bill, looks at a strange tool Jeffery brought with him to find out if we could discover what it was.