Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kayak carrier

Grant built this out of pvc piping and one of those swimming noodle, plus some wheels off an old weed-eater mower.  Pretty ingenious!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Taylorsville Gem & Mineral Museum

This quaint little museum has a lot of local history, as well as a wonderful room of rocks and mineral samples, plus unbelievably lovely carvings.  I offer a few views of our experience there. 

Victrola Record Player

Baby Carriage

Imagine having such a tiny waist!

I love the Native American baskets a lot

Arrowhead collections

Wonderful mineral samples

The elderly gentleman who makes these carvings volunteers at the Museum

Petrified Wood

Dorothy helping to show the size perspective of this crystal

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Camping at Lake Davis

Grant & I, Dorothy & Jeffery, and Dana & Leslie did our annual Solstice Campout a little bit late this year, what with their being in the midst of moving to France.  Anyway, we camped at Lake Davis in Plumas County.  The campsite was perfectly located, close to the water for us to put in our kayaks and play on the lake.  

On Saturday, we drove through the woods and over the dirt roads to visit the highest spot in Plumas County, Mount Ingalls.  We then drove to Genesee Valley and visited the Taylorsville Gem and Mineral Museum, then back to the campground via Antelope Lake and Red Clover Valley.  It was a great day, but we were glad to get out of the vehicles at the end of the afternoon, eat supper, and go out on the lake and sit around the campfire.

Sunday we just visited, boated, saw pelicans, and had swims.  I hope one day to visit Dana & Leslie in France and that they come back to the States to visit, too.  Family is so wonderful!

Saturday Morning

Pelican chasing

Dorothy played "Oh what a beautiful morning"

Eating Dust & Loving It!

Lake Davis through the trees

Grant, coming 'round the moutain

Perspective on hill climbing

Sunday Morning