Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Horse Camping at Silver Lake in Northern California

Grant and I left on Friday afternoon and headed through the smoke from the Chips Fire up north of Lake Almanor to Silver Lake, on the edge of the Caribou Wilderness.  We were joining Grant's friend Ben, his wife Ginger, their grandson Cody, and friends Wendy and her son Nathan to camp and go kayaking and horseback riding around the area.  It was great fun.  Grant celebrated his birthday on Sunday.  We were out of the smoke, and it was beautiful, despite a lot of wind.  Wendy rescued some abandoned kittens and brought them with her to nurse.  Her son Nathan is a civil war buff and was quite delightful in his re-enactments and enthusiasm about it.  Ginger, Wendy, and the kids left on Sunday late afternoon.  I got to camp alone with the guys, and while they were not rude or uncivil, I will never camp with just guys again.  Seems my idea of camping and theirs is very different.

View of smoke as we were leaving the Canyon to head north

Upon arriving, first things first! 

Day 2

We had a fun day today.  The morning was beautiful!  The gals and kids took a ride along Silver Lake.  After lunch, Wendy and Ben went for a ride and the rest of us went for a swim and to use the kayaks, although it was pretty windy.  Cody was really cute about the kayak...he was very scared, but still wanted to go...he'd never been in a boat before, or even tubing, so he didn't know the feeling of bouyancy.  He gripped on for dear life, but by the end of the ride, he let go long enough to wave at his Nana.  Grant made dinner for us that night...really yummy!  When it was time for s'mores around the campfire, wicked Grant brought out these huge marshmallows.  We banned him from ever bringing them again the next morning.  Sugar rush!!!

Union soldier Nathan with Ginger

Cody, Tuffy, and Wendy

Nathan and mom Wendy getting the horses ready

Nathan getting set up to ride

Glory with Sara, the freckled gals!

Wendy at Silver Lake

Nana Ginger and grandson Cody

Watering the horses

Happy Birthday Grant!!

Tuffy and one of the 4 kittens Wendy brought with her to rescue them

Our campsite

Cody and I took a short trip...he was very brave!  First time in a boat!

Grant kayaking on Silver Lake

Nathan and Ginger swimming

Wendy at Silver Lake

Grant made tacos for supper.

Glory the Freckled

Grant brought GIANT marshmallows and Cody stayed up all night.  Thanks Grant!

Feeding the kittens one last time before bed

Day 3

Nathan fishing for minnows

Our Confederate Scout, Nathan

Cody does the breakfast dishes

Ben saddles up for the afternoon ride

Grant on Peter

Wendy, Grant, and Ben hit the trail

Checking out the days' pictures on the computer

Day 4
Grant & Ben take one last ride

Smoke plume in the distance heading home from Lake Almanor

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