Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday trip to Snake Lake

A visit from the Two Andrea's

July 17th ~ Andrea Miller and her beau Steve came up to Tobin for the weekend, and Andrea Daniels was visiting her mama Kathleen (Wilson), so Grant and I went down to share a visit and a meal.  Fun people!  We can all talk at the same time! *wink*  The pooch is Steve's.

San Diego views

My work sent me to a week-long  ESRI User's Conference  in San Diego.  ESRI produces GIS computer software, as well as cooperates with international organizations in a wide number of applications.  I flew down on Sunday. I thought I ought to try using the Trolley to get around town, so after I checked into my hotel, I found my way down to the Convention Center.  I got to explore before it got really crowded and get myself officially registered.  I met up with my boss and a colleague from our Forest while there, but I didn't hang out with them.  I also had the opportunity to meet up with a former colleague, Felicia, who transferred to Utah.  We got to visit and also meet for lunch at a real funky and fabulous Italian restaurant later that day.  I really enjoyed myself, learned a lot, was a little overwhelmed by everything, and I can now brag that I've been as far south as San Diego!