Friday, September 30, 2011

Art seen at the Reno Airpot

I wish I'd caught the artists name, but as soon as I do, I'll repost it here.  I just couldn't get over the colors and lines.  Check 'em out zoomed in.  Pretty marvelous!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Headed home

Despite 2 delays, Ruth and Isabelle finally managed to board their plane and head home.  While we waited, we found a couple fun things to do.

Monday - Labor Day

After breakfast at Tobin, Dorothy & Jeffery drove Ruth & Isabelle on a scenic trip up the Caribou Road, where they stopped to dunk Isabelle's toes in the Feather River.  Then they moseyed up to Quincy and back to Gramma and  Grantpa's house.  We had lovely visits, played Scattergories, and Grant cooked up a great batch of build your own tacos!  My friend Barbara came by to meet my granddaughter and re-meet Ruth, and Kristine, Alex, and the pups joined us for dinner and fun.


Barbara & Isabelle getting acquainted

Kristine & Isabelle

Grantpa heating tortillas for the taco feast

Sunday with the Wilsons

Great Aunt Dorothy (GAD) and Great Uncle Jeffery (GUJ) picked up the ladies from the Serpentine Canyon mishap (see following post) and took them down to stay the night at Tobin!  The following pictures were taken by Dorothy and Jeffery, who were totally enchanted by both Ruth and Isabelle!  They had a bit of trouble getting to sleep, but GUJ took Isabelle on a walk under the stars and it finally worked.  This tiny gal just doesn't want to miss a minute!

Isabelle likes this wool carpet at GAD's & GUJ's

Doing the toe push-ups!

Beautiful girls say "HI DADDY!"

Monday Morning ~ Labor Day

Having some melon!  She mostly just graws on it

A morning stroll in Tobin

Breakfast with Gramma Barbara & Auntie Kathleen Wilson

GAD does diaper duty!

With some help from Mama

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sunday morning

I decided that despite Isabelle having plenty of things to play with, I'd let her try out the old-fashioned and much beloved wooden spoon and cooking pot. Here are some of the shots I got of her.

Funny Face!

And then we packed up Ruth, Isabelle, stuff, foods, and headed down to Tobin, where Ruth and Isabelle are spending the night and I was supposed to spend the day.  It was not to be however....

A rock leapt right out into the road and my already meager right front tire made the ultimate sacrifice.
 We were able to pull over into a turn-out at the east end of the Serpentine Canyon.  I texted Grant to come help me, and we used Ruth's phone to call the Wilson's to come get Ruth and Isabelle.  Ruth and I tried to figure out a way to change the tire, but the car is so low, we couldn't get the jack under it.

Isabelle was a real trooper!  (So was her Mama)

Thank gawd for Grant and Jeffery, who finagled something, got the tire changed to the donut, and we all headed our separate in the truck to keep Grant in sight, him driving my car with the donut tire, and The Wilson's headed down to Tobin with R&I to have their visit.  We'll all get back together tomorrow afternoon for a gathering of friends and family before our girls head back to Reno to take the plane home to Washington!

Uncle Jeffery comes home for Labor Day & visiting!

I gave Isabelle a freshly picked roma tomato to gnaw on (teething?)  She went to town on it!

Mama and Baby whooping it up!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Moogie stops by

Aunt Dorothy, who I think is going to be called Moogie, stopped by on her way to pick up Uncle Jeffery (UJ) at the airport in Reno.  He has been in Missouri, working for FEMA, but wanted to be home for Ruth's and Isabelle's visit.   They will stop by again en route back to Tobin.

Sharing a laugh!